About Us

Styrobeck Ltd is a well respected NZ manufacturer of cut, shaped or moulded  polystyrene  products. These products offer solutions to the Packaging, Infrastructure, Manufacturing, Residential, & Commercial Building Markets. Horticultural and Fishing Industries are also supplied with our Polystyrene. Our factories are located in Auckland and Wellington, with modern plant,  our goal is to manufacture quality EPS (expanded polystyrene) products to meet our customer’s requirements. Standard and custom designs are manufactured each week  to support  many applications.

Our staff, are dedicated to meeting the needs of  customers and we work hard to produce quality on time solutions in polystyrene products.

We manufacture polystyrene packaging products for the food industry and are proud to be helping customers deliver fresh products to local  and export markets.  Whether our EPS is for large infrastructure projects or small one off display or packaging items, our goal is to gain full respect and satisfy all who deal with us.

Styrobeck  recycle waste polystyrene from our manufacturing offcuts, and we provide a service to our customers to take back their waste and recycle it also.

Styrobeck Ltd was recently in 2015,  awarded two gold awards , for manufacturing ARIDON Insulating Panels. These awards were presented by Plastics New Zealand at their annual conference in Auckland.