void formers

Void Formers

Styrobeck manufacture cut shape voids in our factories and supply to concrete formers. Applications such as Bridge Hollow Core Beams, concretre structures and specialist area of construction void fill requirements. We also manufacture moulded Raft Floor Pods for Residential Concrete Floor Construction.

Styrobeck Pods are 1100 x 1100 x 220mm or 300mm thick and spacers required for the set out of floors can be purchased from us. We provide a delivery service for Raft Floor Pods all over Auckland. Site Polystyrene offcut recycling is also part of our service.

Raft Floor Pods Grey Lynn House Upgrade

A recent example has been (EPS) Polystyrene Voids cut to shape for concrete beams being supplied to the Victoria Park Tunnel Project in Auckland. Other bridges around NZ have been constructed with similar concrete beams utilizing (EPS) Polystyrene.   The void is used to displace concrete weight within the finished beam structure.

Voids for Victoria Park Tunnel Project