moulded eps

Moulded EPS

Our factory specializes in forming (EPS) polystyrene beads which can then be injected into moulds to create formed polystyrene products such as boxes, bins, wunderfloor panels, appliance insulation parts, ducting joint rings and concrete slab insulation pods.


  • Handling, stacking
  • Insulation performance
  • Strength
  • Moisture resistance
  • Non toxic to food
  • Hygenic
  • Durability
  • Weight savings, lower freight costs
  • Protection for shock, drop, vibration, compression, temperature and humidity.
  • Can be recycled

Current Moulded Products

  • Concrete Floor Pods (Rib Raft System)
  • Wunderfloor
  • Seafood Boxes
  • Thermagrow Boxes
  • Ambionse House Building Blocks
  • Refrigerator Insulation Parts
  • Triple Wine Packs
  • Inlet cones for metal ducting
  • Void Formers
  • ARIDON insulated weather protection panel – Residential Construction

Please consult us on any new  mould design. The versatility of (EPS) Polystyrene moulded designs in which we manufacture, allow us to be a leader in moulded EPS.

Download Moulded EPS brochure (pdf)