Ambionse – Building with Polyblocks


Ambionse Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF) provides strong and solid long lasting exterior walls for Residential Homes. Ambionse is energy efficient (R 3.0), acoustically quiet and can provide a fire rating of up to 4 hrs.

An Ambionse polyblock wall is constructed from two exterior ( EPS ) polystyrene panels spaced apart by plastic bridges. The inner cavity has reinforcing steel both horizontal and vertical placed ready for concreted to be poured to fill the wall.

A good builder can construct walls with Ambionse Polyblock  and an Engineer will be required to specify the amount and type of reinforcing steel required for your  project.

Ambionse – Polyblock Sizing

  • 190 series blocks 1200mm long x 300mm high x 190mm wide
  • 250 series blocks 1200mm long x 300mm high x 250mm wide
  • 300 series blocks 1200mm long x 300mm high x 300mm wide
  • Corner Blocks are available for 190 and 250 series blocks


Benefits of using Ambionse Polyblocks

  • No wood no rot
  • Stable reinforced concrete core
  • Continuous Insulation R3.0
  • Acoustic wall for a quiet interior (STC53 250 series)
  • Energy Efficient
  • Long Lasting 50 years plus
  • Air tight walls

Examples of where Ambionse Polyblocks can be used are:

  • Residential Housing Walls
  • Commercial Construction Walls
  • Apartment Walls
  • Foundation Walls & Footings
  • Retaining Walls
  • Basement Walls
  • Intertenancy Walls
  • Swimming Pool Walls
  • Fencing and Landscape Walls
  • Garden Edging Walls

Have your favourite Architect or Architectural designer, design your new home in Ambionse and if you require a builder, then contact us for a recommendation.

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Technical Details

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