Styrobecks Form-Flow board is made from 100% recycled (EPS) Polystyrene. Form-Flow is designed to protect below ground waterproofing membranes which are applied to exterior block work, tilt slabsĀ or concrete panel retaining walls.

Form-Flow is installed against the membrane so as to protect the waterproofing seal from the back filling process of scoria,soil ,stone and rock, which could penetrate and break the membrane seal. It is a light weight easy to handle board in a standard size of 2400x1150x90mm with 5 Sheets/pack.

Because Form-Flow is porous it allows water to pass through the board thus assisting drainage around the waterproofing membrane via the installed drain coil at the base of the application.

Back filling behind the Form-Flow should start with a granular drainage metal such as scoria or sand for a portion of correct thickness prior to the general backfill being put in place. Seek technical advise if in doubt as to the correct backfill material.

Form-Flow has been fully tested and an appraisal was completed by Opus Consultants Ltd.

Download Formflow Brochure (pdf)