Underfloor Insulation – Wunderfloor


Wunderfloor – Underfloor Insulation is made by moulding Polystyrene (EPS) flame retardant beads into three panel sizes. Each panel, once installed, achieves an R Value of 1.5. The NZ Building Code requires a minimum  R value for residential floors of R1.3 for all NZ zones.

Approximately 12% of internal heat is lost through the floor if uninsulated.

By installing Wunderfloor Underfloor Insulation you can keep the cold air out and heat in and warm up your bare floors in winter.


  • Thermal Resistance Value = R1.5 m2K / W
  • Creates a dryer warmer and healthier living environment
  • Built in 4 airpockets which assist to maximise the  insulation value
  • Great for existing older t & g wooden strip floors or new particle board floors
  • Easy to install and can be secured with supplied fixing brackets
  • Durable and will not rot or shrink
  • Flame retardant and non irritant
  • EECA approved for funded work by approved installers
  • Manufactured locally in Auckland and Wellington
  • Installation service available  by our subcontractors in Auckland and Wellington
  • For other areas in the North Island contact us for a recommended installer.


  • 420mm wide x 1200mm long x 60mm thick              5.04m2 per pack
  • 470mm wide x 1200mm long x 60mm thick              5.64m2 per pack
  • 560mm wide x 1200mm long x 60mm thick              6.72m2 per pack

Each pack has 10 pieces and 20 support clips are provided within each pack

Download Wunderfloor brochure (pdf)