Ambionse – Technical

Design & Construction Manual:

For your convenience we have separated the Manual into specific chapters:

Cover & Contents  
1   Introduction  
2   Easy to Design and Build 
3   Comfort 
4   Healthy 
5   NZBC 
6   Design & Construction 
7   CAD Details 


AutoCAD 2000 format (right click and use “Save Target As..” option) and
PDF format (will open in a new window):

Constructing Openings:

openings constructing.dwg (570kb)
openings forming rebate.pdf (120kb)
openings head jambs.pdf (150kb)
openings sill block.pdf(180kb)
openings arched.pdf (110kb)
openings bracing.pdf (120kb)
openings forming.pdf (110kb)
openings head jamb sill.pdf(250kb)


ambionse footings.dwg (280kb)
footings headerblock.pdf (110kb)
footings ribraft.pdf (80kb)
footings stepped.pdf (90kb)
footings brick veneer.pdf (130kb)
footings headerblock ribraft.pdf(150kB)

Connection Structures:

connection structures.dwg (812kb)
connect concrete floor.pdf (130kb)
connect intersecting walls.pdf (160kb)
connect timber floor.pdf (120kb)
connect timber truss.pdf (130kb)

Typical Cross Section:

typical x section.dwg (135kb)
typical x section.pdf (180kb)


waterproofing retaining walls.dwg (155kb)
waterproofing retaining walls.pdf (190kb)

Change Block Width:

change block width.dwg (442kb)
change at corner.pdf (200kb)
change on straight.pdf (130kb)
change floor level.pdf (100kb)
change midfloor connection.pdf (180kb)

Builder’s Guide & Tips:

The Builder’s Guide provides a quick overview showing the simple steps required to produce a quality Ambionse wall.

builder’s guide.pdf (400kB)

Curved Walls:

Simple steps to creating curved Ambionse walls:

creating curves 300.pdf (60kB)

Sound Control:

The specification for achieving the required Sound Rating for intertenancy (party) walls:

specification intertenancy wall.pdf (80kB)